How To Use a Pendulum for Business Abundance

In the world of business, success isn’t just about crunching numbers and following a strategic plan. It’s about tapping into a deeper level of understanding, intuition, and alignment with your purpose. That’s where the pendulum comes in—a powerful tool for unlocking the wisdom of the universe and guiding you towards success.

The Pendulum: Your Trusted Guide

Picture this: you’re at a crossroads in your business, unsure which path to take. The noise and confusion of everyday life cloud your judgment, making it difficult to see the way forward. But with the pendulum in hand, you have a direct line to clarity and insight. It’s like having your own personal business coach, whispering insights and nudging you in the right direction when you need it most.


Using a pendulum in your business is not as complex as it may seem. Anyone can learn the art of dowsing and tap into their subconscious for guidance. Here’s how you can get started:

  1. Set the Stage: Hold the chain side of the pendulum away from your body to avoid interference with your energy centers (chakras).
  2. Start with Stillness: Keep your fingers, hand, or wrist still to allow the pendulum to move freely.
  3. Get Your Yes Response: Mentally ask the pendulum to show you a “yes” movement and observe its response. Repeat the process until you’re confident in recognising the “yes” signal.
  4. Get Your No Response: Similarly, ask the pendulum to demonstrate a “no” movement and familiarise yourself with its response.
  5. Practice Makes Perfect: Start asking simple questions with binary answers (yes/no) to train your consciousness and hand to dowse effectively.

As you align with your subconscious and the universe’s guidance, you’ll witness the pendulum move seemingly on its own accord, providing you with the clarity and confidence needed to make informed decisions for your business.


But why should you bother with the pendulum when there are countless other tools and strategies available? Because the pendulum offers something unique—a direct connection to higher wisdom and intuition that transcends the limitations of traditional business practices.

Imagine the possibilities: making decisions with confidence, knowing that you’re in alignment with your purpose and the universe’s plan for your success. No more second-guessing or spinning your wheels in uncertainty. With the pendulum as your guide, you can navigate the complexities of business with ease and grace.

How can I use A PENDULUM in my business?

Now, you might be thinking, “But how does this apply to me and my business?” If you’re a business owner, creative, coach, entrepreneur, or practitioner, the pendulum can be a game-changer. It helps you gain clarity on your path, identify the best opportunities, and overcome obstacles with ease.

View the instructional video below for further guidance. Additionally, here’s a Pendulum Scan Chart for your reference.

So, why wait any longer to unlock the full potential of your business? Embrace the power of the pendulum and watch as it leads you to new heights of abundance and success. Trust in the process, and you’ll soon discover that the answers you seek are closer than you think.

Hey, I’m Tara Hegerty! I’m a Holistic Energy Healer, Kinesiologist, Psychic Intuitive and passionate about helping business owners stay in alignment and avoid burnout.

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