Activate your healing

I help high achievers activate their self-healing power with the AIM Biofeedback Method® so they sustain energy and optimum health effortlessly.


Harnessing the Wisdom of Your Higher Consciousness for a Balanced Lifestyle

  • Are you just worn out from all the stress and crazy long hours? And does it make you feel like you’re not getting anything done?
  • Plus, are you trying to balance work with everything, but it feels like you’re always missing out on family time? And maybe that’s messing with your head a bit? 
  • And then there’s work – ever feel like you’re just not bringing your A-game, and it’s letting your team down? 
  • And don’t even get me started on the money rollercoaster – some months are awesome, but others, you’re barely scraping by. 
  • And then there’s the pressure to always be on top of your game, but it’s like, when do you even have time for that?

Hey, I’m Tara hegerty


Let me tell you, running my own business was anything but smooth sailing. It was more like a wild rollercoaster ride – full of bumps, twists, and emotional loops. I remember those days spent endlessly tweaking my website for what felt like the hundredth time time. I figured I’d save some cash by doing it myself, but then I’d glance out the window and see my husband having fun with our two little ones. That’s when it hit me: This isn’t how running a business should feel. I was juggling late nights with studying during the day, all squeezed in between nap times. I thought I was in “push through” mode, just trying to get it all done so I could finally relax. But instead, I ended up pushing myself even harder, until my nerves were shot.

But now, as an Advanced Kinesiologist (Adv.Dip), Certified Holistic Counsellor and Psychic Intuitive I’ve found my grounding. I’m on a mission to help fellow high achievers strike that balance within themselves – where they can have both financial stability and sustainable well-being. Because let’s face it, true peace and freedom come from finding harmony within.

What does Kinesiology Have to do with BurnOut?

Imagine a state of being where you naturally restore yourself, your passion for life is renewed, and every action is guided by a profound sense of purpose and alignment.

In this state of alignment, you’re not just working on your health, you’re co-creating with your spirit.

But how do you access this state of being?

It starts by using the transformational power of Kinesiology and letting go of the need to control and micro-manage every aspect of your life. Instead of forcing outcomes, you surrender to the natural rhythm of life and allow your body to heal organically. You trust in the wisdom of your higher consciousness to guide you toward the most aligned path.

You also cultivate a deep sense of presence and safety within. 

Access Your Potential

Together, we tap into a source of infinite intelligence for your fullest potential.

Energy Flows Freely

Restoring the flow in the body, mind, and energy pathways.

Be in Your Power

Obstacles dissolve when you’re in your personal power (aka soverenity).

Co-Create Your Dreams

When your spirit and your body are aligned, you naturally become a positive magnet.

Yet, perhaps the most vital aspect of Kinesiology lies in the AIM Biofeedback Method®.

While anyone can perform muscle monitoring, as an Advanced Kinesiologist, I specialise in ensuring the biofeedback system synchronises seamlessly with your muscles, nervous system, and brain. This precision allows me to accurately receive and interpret information, identify different levels of stress, and facilitate a highly effective healing balance.

The kinesiology I specialise in is a unique hybrid approach that incorporates principles from Traditional Chinese Medicine, the acupressure system, brain functionality, nutritional and hormonal processes, and vibrational medicine such as flower essences and tuning forks. Thanks to this holistic blend, it often requires fewer sessions to address a specific issue compared to many other therapies. In fact, it’s possible to transition from burnout to brilliance in as few as 3-5 sessions.

When you welcome the power of kinesiology into your being, you create space for self-healing to occur. 

The Process


Once you book your personalised Kinesiology sessions (min 3 to start), you’ll be sent a short client intake form to complete before your first session.


Together we set clear intentions for your wellbeing and align the balance with your top priority, creating the optimal pathway for self-healing to occur.


After our session, expect to experience breakthroughs and enhanced clarity, feel more grounded, and have a more regulated central nervous system.

Through our work together my clients go On to big things…

Grow their business, hit big money goals, enjoy fulfilling relationships, and best of all…

Have more time back than ever to enjoy a lifestyle they’ve designed for themselves.

So if you’re ready to take responsibility for your health and well-being

And unlock the power of kinesiology and access higher consciousness, I invite you to join me on this journey of transformation and possibility. Together, we’ll create the health and life—you’ve always dreamed of.

“WOW, what a session!” 
We went DEEP. It was gentle yet profound, diving straight into the root cause of my issues. Tara held such a beautiful space—grounded, calm, and incredibly safe. I did sleep afterward, but I knew that was just my body integrating the session.

ACTIVATE Your Self-healing For a balanced lifestyle

The AIM Biofeedback Method® is a cornerstone of my advanced kinesiology practice. While muscle monitoring is common, I specialise in ensuring that the biofeedback system seamlessly integrates with your muscles, nervous system, and brain. This precision allows me to accurately receive and interpret information, identify different levels of stress, and facilitate a highly effective healing balance.

My kinesiology approach is a unique hybrid, combining principles from Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupressure, brain functionality, nutritional and hormonal processes, and vibrational medicine such as flower essences and tuning forks. This holistic method often means fewer sessions are needed to address specific issues, enabling you to move from burnout to brilliance in as few as 3-5 sessions.

Your Kinesiology Package includes:

  • 3 x 1hr 30mins In-Person Kinesiology Balance
  • Self-Care Recovery Guide
  • Energy Activation Audio

Investment: 3 Payments of $159 + GST

In-person only

“Next-Level Kinesiology Coaching!” 
KCoaching with Tara has been transformational! In just three months, my life has surged forward. I feel more empowered in my career, finances, and overall life. I’ve gained independence, and I’m confidently standing in my own power.


The Next Level

KCoaching is a new method merging Kinesiology with Life Coaching, giving you a complete 360-degree view of where you are now and where you want to go. We delve deeply into your health, relationships, career, finances, goals, and dreams to help you thrive. We dive deep into your health, relationships, career, finances, goals, and dreams to help you thrive.

If you’ve had 3 sessions with me already, it’s time to level up your growth journey. Picture yourself stepping into a place where you’re fully in control, confident in your abilities, and living authentically.

This approach is all about tuning back into your inner voice and intuition, empowering you to navigate life’s twists and turns with clarity and purpose.

This 3-month program combines coaching techniques, kinesiology, somatic practices, meditation, sound healing, and energetic support to help you thrive.

Your KCoaching Experience includes:

  • 5 personalised 1.5-hour kinesiology coaching sessions held every two weeks to help clear your mind and align your body.
  • Plus, there’s a 1-hour evaluation session 1 month after you finish (online or in-person). Valued at $299.
  • A coaching workbook custom-made by Tara to accompany you on your journey. Valued at $199.
  • A personalised energetic support pack, including an essential oil blend, crystal, and candle just for you. Valued at $99.
  • To keep your journey going strong, you’ll receive an ‘Everyday Expansion’ pack with 4 guided meditations. Valued at $199.
  • And I’m here for you with email and Voxer support whenever you need it during these 3 months. Value: Priceless

Investment: 3x payments of $666 OR 1x payment of $1,800 +GST.

Limited to just 5 spots per month, ensuring each individual receives personalised attention and heartfelt support.

In-person only

Are you ready to take responsibility for your health?

If you don’t take steps to lower your stress and create a sense of safety within your body, you’ll eventually break. This will leave you feeling even more disconnected from your true self and experiencing more mental, emotional, and physical pain.

Imagine where you can activate your innate self-healing powers, harness your creativity, intuition, and inner wisdom to navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and manifest your biggest desires. Kinesiology is your gateway to this transformation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about this process.

Life is a journey filled with ups and downs, big and small. We all carry these experiences with us, sometimes without even realising it. They can linger in our minds and bodies, causing stress, anxiety, and physical discomfort. But there’s a way out.

In a kinesiology session, we go beyond the surface to uncover the underlying issues. Using the AIM Biofeedback Method® , I ensure that we’re tapping into your body’s innate wisdom. This allows for a precise understanding of your stress levels and a more comprehensive healing process.

My kinesiology approach is a blend of ancient wisdom and modern techniques. By combining principles from Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupressure, brain functionality, nutritional and hormonal processes, and vibrational medicine like flower essences and tuning forks, we address issues holistically. This means you may need fewer sessions to see significant progress – sometimes as few as 3-5 sessions. So you can go from feeling burnt out to shining bright in no time.

The first step is to book your sessions. Once you lock in your date and time, you’ll receive a confirmation email with location information.

After booking, you will be sent a client intake form to complete.

Feel free to come to our session with an intention of what you’d like to shift, but don’t worry if you’re not sure yet – that’s okay too. We’ll always prioritise the most important issue, ensuring it’s addressed first for maximum benefit.

I’ve found that clients tend to get the most out of our sessions when they approach them with an open mind and a willingness to embrace change.

And for your comfort, it’s best to wear relaxed clothing during our time together

Before you step back into your day, take a moment to feel grounded.

Feel free to jot down any insights you’ve gained, knowing that they might keep flowing in the days ahead.

Keep yourself hydrated over the next 48 hours. Shifting energy can be intense, and drinking plenty of water helps to keep things moving smoothly.

I’ll provide you with tools to keep integrating the shifts we’ve made into your life. Using these regularly will give you the best results over time.

Credit card or Paypal

Still have questions?

If you cannot find an answer to your question in the FAQs above, feel free to contact me via email.


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