Find Alignment.

Own Your Power.
Ignite Your Business.

I specialise in guiding business leaders out of the shadows of burnout and into the light of their fullest potential.


Stuck thinking small.. they’re trying to find answers where the problems started.

Not looking up.. they’re not thinking bigger or seeking higher-level solutions.

No change.. they’re not making the changes needed to really solve the problems.

Despite what your logical mind will tell you, the answers you’re seeking are within you. 

You aren’t stuck. You’re just looking in the wrong place. 

I can help…

Meet, Tara

Your beacon of transformation in navigating the journey from burnout to brilliance. Blending deep empathy with authoritative insight from guiding over 500 businesses, is one of the few that is able to access the Akashic records, and holds a 5 star rating of experience, she’s your ally in unlocking your full potential. Tara offers a transformative path to self-discovery and business success, understanding intimately the frustration and confusion of feeling stuck.

Unlock Your Inner Wisdom

Connect with your higher self and spirit guides to confidently navigate your life and business journey.

Break Free from Confusion

Identify and dissolve the energetic barriers holding you back, transitioning from survival mode to alignment.

Embrace Your Purpose

Gain soul-level clarity to confidently step into your mission and fulfill your purpose.

Shift Collective Consciousness

Challenge conventional living and pave the way for new systems that elevate the collective consciousness of humanity and our planet.

Let Your Soul Lead

Unlock Inner Wisdom. Find clarity for life and business questions by tapping into your innate wisdom.

Personalised Guidance Sessions Tailored to You. Receive personalised advice and guidance to navigate your unique situation.

Business Alignment Sessions

(In-person and Online)

Connect with Your Business’s Consciousness

Gain insights and guidance for your business’s next steps, clearing energetic blocks for soul-aligned success.

Personal Alignment Sessions

(In-person and Online)

Connect with Your Higher Self

Identify and transform subconscious patterns and energetic blocks, allowing love, money, and abundance to flow freely.

Kinesiology For Personal & Professional Growth

(In-person only)

Unlock Your Potential

Experience holistic wellness for your body, mind, and spirit with our transformative kinesiology sessions.

The Plan


Schedule your personalised session online or in-person.


Receive guidance and advice tailored to your needs.


Take empowered action towards alignment and abundance.

Imagine a thriving business that effortlessly aligns with your soul’s purpose, attracting your ideal clients and abundant opportunities. Picture yourself stepping into each day with clarity, confidence, and a deep sense of fulfillment.

What is a Business Energy Healer?

I am your guide on this transformative journey, offering a unique blend of spiritual insight and practical expertise to support your growth.

As your…

Spiritual Practitioner:

I enter your energetic field, pinpointing and removing the barriers that hinder your progress. By clearing these blockages, you open the door to the life and business you were meant to manifest.

Business Mentor:

I bridge the gap between the spiritual and the practical, ensuring that your business strategy is not only grounded in the physical realm but also aligned with your soul’s purpose. Together, we craft a strategy that resonates with your essence and drives sustainable success.

Psychic Intuitive:

My intuitive gifts provide invaluable guidance, offering clarity and direction as you navigate your path. With my support, you can trust in your decisions, knowing that they are aligned with your highest good.

Success is Within Reach

With my guidance, you will unlock your full potential, experiencing newfound clarity, abundance, and fulfillment in both your business and your life. Embrace the power of alignment and watch as your dreams unfold before you.

What Clients Are Saying

Hey, I’m Tara Hegerty!

Business Energy HEALER, kinesiologist, Psychic Intuitive.

I love using my gifts to help people awaken from their conditioned minds so they are empowered to create the deeply fulfilling, wildly expansive reality their soul is craving.

I believe that the key to creating an abundant, purpose-driven life is the ability to tap into the infinite wisdom within us. The problem is that not everyone knows how to do that.

After going on a healing journey that led me to study the Akashic Records, Kinesiology, and Energetic Healing, I learned how to access higher dimensional information for myself (and others) to create more alignment and fulfilment in my life while unlocking my infinite potential.

Now my mission is to teach people how to co-create with source and access the energy of the present moment to find clarity and effortlessly expand in all areas so that they can fulfill their purpose in life and business.

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Business Meets Soul Podcast

Join us on The Business Meets Soul Podcast for spiritual insights and practical tips to align with your next level of success. Tune in to elevate your consciousness and grow your impact.


Are you a healer, coach, or creative looking to connect with others and share new insights, perspectives, and ways of thinking? 

We believe that healthy communities are vital to our collective wellbeing.

We aim to create virtual and in-person events that educate, inspire, and connect people so that we can solve problems locally and make an impact globally. 

Check out our upcoming events below. We’d love to see you there!


Event Date: 30 November 2023

For local open-minded, spiritually-curious people looking to connect in a light hearted, social way.


Event Date: December 2023

Embark on a journey of enlightenment through our Sacred Tea Ceremony, where each sip of high frequency tea unveils a connection to subtle surrounding energies and reveals the intricate tapestry of the unseen.


Event Date: January 2024

Embark on a journey of enlightenment through our Sacred Tea Ceremony, where each sip of high frequency tea unveils a connection to subtle surrounding energies and reveals the intricate tapestry of the unseen.

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Clear Your Business


Our FREE workshop teaches you our 3-step process to clean up energetic leaks in your business and anchor into your most abundant and impactful timeline.

Imagine feeling genuinely excited about your business, like you’re right where you’re meant to be—not lagging behind, but perfectly in sync. Picture a business that’s built on trust and heart, where everything feels natural. Once you’re aligned in this way , the sky’s the limit.

Mini Business Healing


Our Mini Business Healing session offers quick and effective methods to clear and restore your business energy, attracting soul clients and creating positive shifts. Book now to make room for expansion.

Using powerful healing modalities like Kinesiology, Akashic Records and Emotional Healing clear and restore your business energy today!