Learn how to ground yourself, clear everything out and open up a channel to your intuitive self.

In our day-to-day life we experience interconnectedness and oneness. This can be a blissful feeling of love, respect and compassion for others. It can also lead us to be aware of other people’s pain. We may experience sensations, in the body and mind, that alert us of the energy around us. With that being said, we are not taking on anyone’s pain, problems, or karma. We are simply holding space for their mind, and body to heal themselves.

What does it mean to be empathic?

Empaths have a thinner veil. We tend to be more aware and intuitive. Our body can send us messages about the energy of a space or someone around us. You may walk into a public space and feel the collective consciousness.

What does it mean to be in balance or alignment?

Being in alignment means that we are aware of our body and immediate surroundings. We are present, and easily able to step out of the past and future. We are not wonky or floaty. We are less likely to be affected by the energies of other people, places, and situations. We are calm, and focused, when our energy is grounded. We also tend to feel safe in our surroundings, and secure in who we are.

The gifts in being empathic

Our sensitivity can be a blessing or not depending on how we perceive it. If we lean into our empathic nature, harness our intuition, and navigate accordingly, we can use our skills and natural gifts for our betterment and for those around us. We can use our intuition to avoid situations that don’t serve us, and make decisions. We can see through people and opportunities, with a higher level of awareness that not everyone is able to access. We can offer words of guidance and support to others, when they are open to it. We can see the love and light in others, when they may not be able to. Our empathic sensitivity to energy can be a force of good, if we embrace it.

5 signs to determine if you’re empathic:

  1. You feel the energy of the space, when you walk into a room, shop, or someone else’s home
  2. You have a deep desire to help others, that can sometimes be a desire to “fix”
  3. You feel physically and mentally drained around certain people
  4. You may feel overwhelmed, or as if you’re not able to process all that you’re taking in
  5. Your intuition lets you know when something is just off

What can I do to to balance my sensitivity and bring my energy into alignment?

A really simple exercise is to visualise your body’s energy connecting to mother earth (think: roots coming out of your feet, channel to earth’s core); then drawing that energy up and connecting to the universe through your crown (think: channel of light connecting to your guides, universe and cosmos above); then using that energy to create a shield of light around your body. Creating a thick bubble of protective light to energetically protect you.

So the three steps are:

  1. Ground
  2. Connect
  3. Protect

Grounding and protecting is a system for self-awakening, that offers us tools to come into deeper alignment with our true nature. The only thing that drains us is the fear that we project. On the contrary, if we approach energy protection with faith, and awareness, we can serve ourselves and those around us with our sensitivity.

This technique is my go-to method for grounding, and I hope you find it useful! If you have any questions, leave a comment or email me any time.

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