Business Energy Alignment
for Coaches, Creatives, and Conscious Leaders

Gain clarity on your next steps and let go of what’s holding you back so you can bring the business of your dreams to life.

A business that’s out of alignment with you on a soul level will never be “successful.”

In order to create a profitable business that feels authentic to you and uses your gifts to serve others, you need to…

Stop buying into the hype of the latest business trend – The gurus out there just want to sell you their strategy, but your business is its own entity. It has an energetic blueprint you can tap into to understand your next steps, so you don’t need THEM to sell you on a one-size-fits-all formula.

Own the fact that you are energetically sensitive – Constantly adding to your to-do list feels overwhelming. By tapping into your business’s energy, you can work in a way that feels simple, joyful, and authentic to you–while still being profitable. 

Deeply trust your business decisions – Staying true to yourself is more important than jumping on the bandwagon of what your peers and competitors are doing. That’s how you create a business that reflects your voice, vision, values, and creative gifts.

When you tap into your unique energetic blueprint for your business, your next steps are obvious, your success is effortless, and your impact is unmatched.

business alignment session.

In order to create a successful (and soul-aligned) business you need to…

Gain New Perspective

The answers you’re seeking are within you. But you can’t find them with your logical mind.

Determine Your Strategy

You need to create your business according to what works for YOU on a soul level. 

Achieve Your Goals

Meeting your goals and achieving your dreams feels effortless when you’re on the right path.

Co-Create Your Dreams

When your soul and your business are aligned, you naturally create success on your terms.

How I Can Help

With a custom roadmap outlining your next steps and strategic advice from your higher self, you’ll feel confident you’re making the right decisions in your business.

Mini business healing: 20 min SESSION

Does your business need a mini energy upgrade?

This is a quick and effective way to get your business energy flowing again so that it can attract soul clients, emit positive energy, clear old patterns and make room to expand.

Using powerful healing modalities like Kinesiology, Emotional Healing and Akashic Records clear and restore your business energy today!

Your Mini Business Healing Includes:

  • 1x 20min Remote Business Energy Clear & Restore 
  • Uses powerful healing modalities like Kinesiology, Emotional Healing and Akashic Records
  • Get immediate effects including feeling lighter, more energised and vibrating higher
  • Receive detailed report 72 hours after purchase guaranteed
  • Done remotely as you go about your day
  • Rush order available for $10 extra

Investment: $67 AUD

“I recently had a session with Tara and was completely blown away!”
Thanks Tara I really enjoyed that and it was spot on. Thank you for this on many levels. It was prompt and professional and very accurate. Everything resonated!
Giulia, Hunter & Thor 
“I still cannot believe the amount of value I got from just one session – I’ll definitely be back for more!” 
Tara is absolutely amazing! The depth and value of what comes out of a session with Tara truly is unbelievable. The insights were accurate and the action steps resonated deeply with how I want to grow my business. Thank you, Tara!
Mark, Hypa Global

Your blueprint Determines Your Success

Because everything is made of energy, as soon as you had the idea for your business, it was birthed into being. Your business is its own energetic entity. As such, it’s affected by the different energies it engages with–everything from your clients to your branding colours. Misalignments in your business’ energy can cause your success to stagnate and your motivation to wane.  

During your 1hr 30mins session, we’ll tap into the Akashic records of your business and use spiritual tools to adjust, align and calibrate your business energies so that we can address any blockages or misalignments. . 

You’ll also be able to get insight about any issues you’re struggling with, from your direction to your offers. We’ll clear away what’s holding you back on an energetic level so you can effortlessly magnetise more aligned opportunities and abundance.  

Your 1hr 30mins Business Energy Alignment Includes:

  • 1 x 1hr 30mins LIVE Business Energy Alignment session
  • Tara will spend an extra 30 minutes independently following the session to reconnect and write a personalised report of your unique business action plan
  • One week of Voxer coaching post session to support you in the integration process (this is a space to ask questions as you integrate and activate your action plan in real life)
  • A recording of the session
  • Self-Care Recovery Guide
  • Business Energy Activation Audio

Investment: $449 AUD + GST

In-person or online options available


Your blueprint for Success is Within you.

A Business Energy Alignment is like having a conversation with God and getting the answers you need all at once.  During our session, I’ll provide an energetic update on how the business feels, any strengths or weaknesses in any of it’s chakras, identify what blocks are holding it back, and clarify the direction it needs to go to reach its full potential. 

With a VIP energy alignment, you’ll receive a 3-hour session, a comprehensive, detailed report capturing invaluable insights PLUS you’ll receive an additional month of Voxer coaching after your session to help you integrate all of the upgrades and insights you received.

Your 3-Hour VIP Business Energy Alignment Includes:

  • 1 x 3-hour LIVE Business Energy Alignment session
  • One month of Voxer coaching post session to support you in the integration process (this is a space to ask questions as you integrate and activate your action plan in real life)
  • A personalised guide of your unique business action plan
  • A recording of the session
  • Self-Care Recovery Guide
  • Business Energy Activation Audio
  • BONUS: Intuitive You Course: Spend five days reawakening your inner knowing and reconnecting with your intuitive gifts.

Investment: $749 AUD + GST

In-person or online options available

“I recently had a session with Tara and was completely blown away!”
 It’s hard to put into words what I received and the knowledge she so beautifully and lovingly shared. Tara holds such a beautiful and safe space. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the extra pieces you so lovingly weaved into your offering. It is so sacred and so special.
Beck, All Heart Collective
“If you have a business this is the best investment you will make for it.”
The clarity and direction I now have about my business and where I’m taking it with the new insights and knowledge from this session are invaluable. Everything resonated; it felt like ideas and knowledge were right there waiting for me. I just hadn’t tapped into them yet.
Abbi, Sunshine Coast Reiki

Experience massive shifts and create serious momentum

When you see your business as a separate entity with its own genius and purpose, it opens up the communication line between you. This allows your energies to work in union and partnership with one another. The Business Energy Alignment Container allows you to establish this connection between you and your business on an energetic level. 

Over the course of three months, you’ll receive three x 3-hour business alignment sessions with support in between sessions so that you can quickly integrate and shift as needed to align with your business on a soul level. Expect to experience massive shifts and serious momentum with this container!

Your Business Energy Alignment Container Includes:

  • 3 x 1.5-hour LIVE Business Alignment sessions to be used within 6 months
  • One week of post-session Voxer support after each session (this is a space to ask questions as you integrate and activate your action plan in real life)
  • Recordings of the sessions
  • A post-session action plan after each session that includes recommendations to support your businesses alignment and evolution
  • Self-Care Recovery Guide
  • Business Energy Activation Audio

Investment: $1,199 AUD + GST

In-person or online options available

Hey, I’m Tara hegerty


I’m not your typical practitioner for business leaders. My mission is to help folks like you find your true calling, boost your abundance, and fully embrace your soul’s purpose, all without the unnecessary spiritual fluff.

Life hasn’t always been easy for me, though. Before I tapped into my psychic gifts, things were tough, even though it might not have seemed that way from the outside. I’ve faced challenges, including infertility and the heartbreaking loss of a pregnancy at eleven weeks. That loss led to a transformative surgery that marked the beginning of my healing journey and unlocked my intuitive abilities.

Through it all, I discovered the power of the mind-body connection and the incredible potential of energetic healing. This led me to the Akashic Records, Kinesiology, and Energetic Healing as powerful tools for healing on multiple levels—physical, energetic, and spiritual.

My superpower? I can find the essence of things, which means I can see into your soul and speak directly to your heart. So, if you’re ready to step into your purpose and clear the path of obstacles, I’m here to support you.

I’ve helped countless entrepreneurs gain clarity around their next steps in business:

If you’re not sure if a business energy alignment is right for you, check out what some of my clients had to say about their experiences.

The Process

Whether you book a single session or a three-session container, the process is the same:


Once you book your session online, you’ll be sent a short client intake form to complete before our zoom call.


During our session, I’ll tap into your energetic field and connect with your spirit guides and higher self to download your next steps in business.


After our session, expect to experience breakthroughs and enhanced clarity, feel more grounded, and have a more regulated central nervous system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about this process.

This depends on what type of questions you’re looking for answers to. If you have more personal concerns you’d like clarity on, I’d suggest a personal session. A business session is better if you have more business concerns.

For an extra dose of clarity, I can check with my pendulum and your higher self (with permission, of course) to see which one will be for your best and highest good.

If you have any questions about this, feel free to contact me here.

First, we need to open your Business Akashic Records.

The Akashic Records is the quantum energy field that contains the vibrational records of everything through all time and space. This frequency gives us access to your business’s “database,” allowing us to see things from a different perspective and gain wisdom through a new lens.

We then receive specific guidance on what steps to take next in your business and if there are any energy blocks, imbalances, or stresses present.

Then drawing on ancient energy healing modalities from Reiki and Kinesiology, we take the necessary steps to clear those imbalances and bring your business back into alignment.

You will get pre-work prior to the session. This typically includes meditations that need to be completed to ready your field for this modality. 

It’s also helpful to prepare questions prior to our session so that you can make sure to get direction on anything you’re struggling with. 

Some examples of great questions include:

  • What is the most aligned offer for me to be of the highest service right now?
  • Where can I expand my reach? How can I reach and connect with more of my soul clients?
  • Where can I move out of my comfort zone in my marketing to make a bigger impact?

It is best to ask questions that begin with “How…”, “Why…”’ or “What…” to get the most information. You do not want to ask questions that require a yes or no answer.

The first step is to book your session. Once you do that, you’ll receive a confirmation email with a zoom link OR location information if you’ve booked an in-person session. 

After booking, you will be sent a client intake form to complete. Since you booked a business energy alignment session, you will also receive a series of business activations before your session.

Following your session, you’ll receive the session recording, notes, and a post-session self-care guide.

Each session is a unique experience. The specific information that comes through is exclusive to that business.

During our session, I can receive any of the following types of messages: auditory messages, visions, visits from spirit animals, messages from your guides, past life experiences, the ability to pinpoint blockages in chakras, ways to realign energy centers, and ceremonies or rituals to help aid in your transformation. 

I will also perform clearings and corrections through reiki and kinesiology related to trapped emotions, neurological and other blockages.

Each session is unique and individual to the business I am connecting to. I have no idea what will come through before the session.

My gift allows me to focus specifically on your business as its own entity. I can clairvoyantly pick up business energy blocks and offer immediate remedies to help clear them.

Credit card or Paypal

It depends on which container they choose to book. However, before any session, clients are encouraged to reach out with any questions. 

Once the session is complete, clients will receive the session notes and any additional activations or messages that come through.

And if multiple sessions or additional support is included in the package purchased, clients will have Voxer access post-session

Still have questions?

If you cannot find an answer to your question in the FAQs above, feel free to contact me via email.

Turbocharge the trajectory of your business.

When your business is aligned with its higher purpose AND your soul’s path, any energetic blocks to momentum, abundance, and fulfilment are cleared.

When this happens, you’re able to effortlessly create the success you (and your business) were destined for.

In-person or Online option available