Success (whatever that means to you) doesn’t come overnight—and that’s okay. What’s more, it’s often not one giant jump that gets you to the top of the ladder, but the little things in our everyday routines that build us up step by step.

Productive habits are important because they make good choices automatic. They are habits that bring you closer to the life you want, and will also set the right tone. Stacking these healthy habits is what leads to success.

Need some examples of what these magical mundane moments look like? Five simple healthy habits conscious entrepreneurs attribute to their success include: Tackling the tough stuff first, practicing gratitude, working with natural energy cycles, journaling about the future, journaling about the past, taking time to unplug, going for mindful walks, making time for loved ones, and developing a self-care practice. Keep reading to learn more about each tip and what it looks like to put it into practice.

1. Tackle the tough stuff first

Let’s get right to it: Procrastinating can be a total detour from your road to success. When it comes to handling problems, tackle The Big One first. Jumping on the most harrowing and confronting issue as soon as it comes up allows you to solve problems with more ease, instead of overthinking and over-analysing. It helps to avoid the inevitable ‘decision fatigue.’

2. Practice gratitude

I believe happiness is being able to soak in the moment. Wake up and give thanks to a new day. Acknowledging stillness makes room for the real work to begin.

3. Work with your natural energy cycles

Learning when you work best is a habit that keeps your mind clear and your day productive. For example, try to have all your calls scheduled before 3 p.m. because that’s when your energy may start to change. Learning when you get into the best groove, regardless of professional narratives you may have heard, is key here.

4. Journal with an eye to the future…

Keeping a journal can be a tough habit to get into (think about all the empty notebooks you have piled up at home), but writing things down can help you achieve goals and work through roadblocks. Start your entries with “I am…” instead of wants or hopes. By stating the things you want to manifest in your life [as if they’re] already present, you are evoking the emotion of euphoria and happiness associated with the achievement. It gives you permission to put intention behind the affirmation.

5. …and the past

Laying it all out in a journal works both ways. In order to remember what you’re capable of, you have to remind yourself of what you’ve already overcome. This can take form in journaling and actively rereading past entries.

Other mindful habits:
6. Put the phone down.
7. Go for a mindful walk
8. Spend time with loved ones
9. Get to know what selfcare means to you.

My mission here is to help you create a life and business you truly love by blending soul, spirituality, strategy and a little science. Who’s with me for the transformational ride?!

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