Have you ever wondered how it is possible to step have amble vitality and energy every single day simply and naturally?

Well now you can.

Indeed, these are three most popular ways energy workers use because they work!

Not so long ago, the topic of energy was considered the “woo woo” language of the New Age movement. The notion that we had the ability to use energy for the purposes to heal ourselves and others was hard for many to grasp – especially if it wasn’t tangible or couldn’t be seen. However these days, the growing number of modalities and therapies that use energy as a form of healing is becoming widely accepted as yoga and meditation.

What is energy?

Science has proven that the universe, and everything in it, is made up of energy. This includes you. And how you use your energy affects your mindset, emotions and physical body. Energy is always moving, shifting and transforming based on the intentions you have, the beliefs that drive your actions, the environment you find yourself in, and what you choose to focus on.

Learning how to direct your own energy enables you to have more control over your mental and emotional states, which will influence the actions you take and that may also determine the state of your health.

So, how do you use your energy in a positive way that enables you to function on a daily basis, be in service for others AND not let it affect your health?

Below are three ways most energy workers will use that are natural and simple (and really effective!!!)

1.       Use Earth’s Energy To Anchor You

Mother Earth is alive. She is a living, breathing organism that is constantly evolving, just like us humans. One of the best ways to create a sense of calm is to ground your energy using the Earth element.  Earth’s qualities are that of structure, foundation, consistency, and stability. By learning to direct your own energy to connect with the Earth element, it helps you to anchor into the qualities and characteristics of that element within you.

A short visualisation of anchoring yourself into the centre of the Earth can help this. Simply direct your energy down out through your feet and directly into the Earth. Ask that any imbalances be recycled and the qualities of safety and security be returned to your body.

Grounding your energy is one of the quickest, simplest and most effective ways to bring yourself back into a calm and balanced state. The best part is that you can do it anywhere, anytime and the more often you do it the better you’ll become at taking back control of your mental and emotional states in any given moment. Plus it only takes a few minutes of your time.

To turbocharge this, look at grounding on sacred sites or earth energy lines also known as ley lines, song lines. If you’re local on the Sunshine Coast you’re invited to join our Sacred Network group or search on the website to find a group nearest to you.

2.       Call In Guidance For Support

You have a team of spiritual guides especially for you. They’re available to help should you choose to engage with them.

Spirit guides come in many forms. From ascended masters to teachers, from animals to loved ones but generally speaking a spirit guide is a nonphysical being assigned to help your soul attain its greatest potential here on Earth. A spirit guide has mastered life’s lessons and can be called upon for guidance, further insights or help with a particular situation.

The way spirit guides help can be really subtle, yet so profound and impactful. But the trick here is to invite them in. Meaning if you have a closed door all the time, and only open it when you need, it doesn’t give the opportunity to form a trusting relationship does it?

So while you don’t have to listen to the advice of your guides, life tends to go a whole lot smoother when you do. Besides, your guides want you to win: They are the champions of your causes, the menders of your heartaches, the compass offering alternate directions. And when you consider how complicated life can be, wouldn’t it be crazy if we tried to do the whole thing alone?

If you’re on Insight Timer, see Intuitive You for a 5-day audio course to learn how to keep the door open.

3.       Personally Maintain A High Frequency

One simple answer to help raise your vibration and maintain a high frequency, is notice the way you respond to your environment. And if it isn’t in alignment, change it.  For instance let’s take the news, social media, and interactions with other people. How do they make you feel? Do you notice any transference of energy?

Generally, when the evening news is hyped up around something, you may feel hyped up mentally and emotionally. When social media breeds anger and separation, you may respond with your own heightened emotions of anger. And so on.

You have a choice in how your personal energy is managed. You can allow others to absorb it, manipulate it and use it which means that you are giving away your personal power. Or you can protect it, nurture it and care for it meaning that you are in complete control. So start small. Move your body. Eat nutritious snacks. Drink filtered water etc. And this can feel exhilarating. And yet, it requires a certain stamina, focus, and discipline to sustain the energy that’s driving you to re-engage in this new way.

Learning to master working with the energy with these three free and natural ways enables you to have greater levels of awareness and control of yourself and how you navigate life’s ups and downs.

Still feeling stuck? I offer 1:1 Personal Alignment Sessions where we connect with your spirit guides and higher self to identify, transform, and clear subconscious patterns and energetic blocks. These sessions create alignment on an energetic level so that the love, money, and abundance you want in your life can flow freely to you.

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