Recently on the gram, I chatted about our throat chakra. The vishuddha or throat chakra is the fifth of the seven main chakras, located at the base of the throat area. It governs self-expression, communication, and the ability to speak one’s truth.

If you have difficulty expressing yourself or speaking your truth, an energy healer (like me) is likely to say that your throat chakra is a bit out of whack. And luckily, we might add, there’s a crystal that could help with that. Actually, there are many crystals that could help. But here are my top four.

1. Sodalite

If you find yourself in a constant loop of negative thought patterns, consider blue sodalite your new BFF. Among other benefits, blue sodalite brings us harmony and tranquillity in our communications and settles our negative thoughts.

2. Lapis lazuli

Lapis lazuli is the ideal stone for self-discovery because it helps us get to the truth of who we are. It deepens our awareness, reveals to us our purpose, and inspires us to seek the knowledge that will make us a better version of ourselves.

3. Blue apatite

Expressing yourself fully is no easy feat, but popping a chunk of blue apatite in your pocket might make it easier. Blue apatite is a stone of inspiration, and it inspires you to be yourself

4. Aquamarine

Do you have a habit of overthinking what you’re going to say? This soothing gemstone is just what you need. Associated with water, aquamarine has a very fluid and easy going energy to it. This crystal helps you stay present and be flexible when communicating with others.

How to use your throat chakra stones

Despite the name, you don’t need to place throat chakra stones directly on your neck in order to reap the benefits. The easiest way to tap into the energy of your crystals is to simply carry them around with you and hold them.

Additionally, listening to my guided meditation, “Speak Your Truth: A Guided Meditation For Balancing Your Throat Chakra”, specifically created to activate the throat chakra while using your stones can further amplify their benefits, facilitating improved clarity, self-expression, and communication.


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