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Harmonising the Masculine and Feminine Energies

Jade Sephr, internationally recognised Start-up Business Coach, loves helping people launch a successful business. But massive growth and a need to scale quickly put pressure on her to balance the growing demand for her services and a business that felt aligned on a soul level.

  • By balancing the masculine and feminine energies in her business, Jade now feels more in flow and connected to her business.

The Challenge

Jade’s business has gone through many iterations and pivots throughout its journey from working with start-ups through her popular “5-Day Business Idea Challenge” and her Launchpad Program, to working in a 1:1 capacity with growing businesses.

Recently, she moved from offering support to businesses in all industries to working specifically with businesses in the beauty industry. In doing so, Jade has positioned herself as an industry expert and garnered even greater recognition and success.

With a booming business, Jade took on her partner, Aaron full time and was struggling to see how to combine both their skill sets to create the impact and success she was striving for.

When Jade met up with me and was able to see the knowledge and wisdom I could share with my intuitive gifts, she knew she had to do a Business Energy Reading.

The Solution

Jade loved learning more about her business at a deeper energetic and spiritual level.

The guidance that came through was that her business was in fact too feminine ‘heavy’ and needed Aaron’s masculine energy to balance it out.

The business needed the right balance of both the feminine AND masculine energies. The yin and the yang. Throughout her session detailed guidance was provided about their personal situation around  how to best do this.

Through the reading, both roles started to become evident and it was clear that Jade needed to sit in the “attractor” seat of the business. And Aaron needed to take ownership of the “business development” side of things.

The business also needed an energetic ‘clearing’ of any old, past energies that were interfering with it’s next level growth.

Once this was cleared, the next steps were presented in a clear and awe-inspiring manner where information literally flowed out–everything from symbols and colours,  to business names and offers.

the results

The steps to harmonise the feminine and masculine energies in Jade’s business brought on a wave of relief. Not only did she have the reassurance that working with her partner was the right path, but she also got clarity on how each of their roles needed to operate within the business.

In addition to the business advice, Jade also experienced a level of ‘energetic healing’ from the reading. It rejuvenated her body, mind and soul – something she needed after all the hard work she was putting in to build her business.

“Thank you so much for my business energy reading!”

I had more epiphanies after our session and have really felt like I’ve been connected with the business entity since our session. Aaron is equally excited to see it all come together!

Jade Sephr

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