In this episode of Business Meets Soul, we delve into the timeless wisdom of Seneca, an ancient philosopher whose insights bridge the gap between centuries. A Stoic philosopher from Ancient Rome, Seneca’s writings touch on ethics, virtues, and the pursuit of happiness. Join us as we explore how his teachings resonate with today’s entrepreneurs, guiding us to strike a balance between ambition and contentment. Discover practical tools, including mindfulness practices, gratitude journaling, energy healing techniques, visualisation, and decluttering, that can transform your entrepreneurial journey.

In this episode

  • Unpacking Seneca’s insights on embracing the present, finding contentment, and valuing simplicity.
  • Practical application of Seneca’s wisdom through mindfulness, gratitude journaling, energy healing techniques, visualisation and decluttering.
  • Personal anecdotes and reflections on applying Seneca’s wisdom to entrepreneurship.
  • How Seneca’s teachings contribute to a more balanced and fulfilling entrepreneurial journey.

Join us as we draw from Seneca’s timeless wisdom to uncover practical strategies for entrepreneurs seeking harmony between ambition and contentment.

About Tara

Hey, I’m Tara and I’m a Business Energy Healer, Kinesiologist, Psychic Intuitive. I offer business and personal alignment sessions to help coaches, creatives and conscious leaders effortlessly expand their life and business through frequency and soul-alignment. You can find more on my website here.