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From 0 Sales To A Sold Out Retreat!

Sarah Wissemann, owner of Earthed Reiki Healing in Outback Queensland, enjoyed facilitating local women’s retreats but felt something was “off” in her business and needed a little outside help.

  • Sarah sold out her retreat after changing the location based on downloads from her session.

The Challenge

Sarah’s passion for gifting women with sacred time to turn within to allow for deep healing and more connection to joy is undeniably strong.  Her retreat is designed for the woman who is ready to do the inner work, peel back the layers, and uncover her true potential and radiance. But, with all the plans in place for her retreat – the format, the tools, and passion for her idea, she was missing one key element – more woman saying “yes” to signing up. 

With a thriving Reiki teaching schedule, she knew from speaking to her clients that this was exactly what they were asking for. So why wasn’t anyone signing up to her retreat? Struggling to find the answers, Sarah was recommended to reach out for a Business Energy Reading.

The Solution

Within the first few minutes of her Business Energy Reading, Sarah started to share her main concerns. It was immediately obvious that the business energy was “not quite right”, and I started to quickly draw the visuals I was getting from connecting to her energy field. 

The visuals included wavy and dotted lines next to a house (see diagram below), a compass indicating the north, south, east and west directions around the property. When I asked the business guides what the significance of the wavy lines were, the word “songlines” dropped in. 

Songlines are stories embodied in the land, sea and skies to be remembered and passed on through song, dance, art and ceremony. Like libraries, these vast collections of dynamic information ensured Australia’s Indigenous peoples flourished for millenia and continue to do so. Having her retreat on a songline was an issue because the intended rituals were going to create interference with the songline’s meaning. 

The guides also told me to draw a cross on the West side of the property and a tick in the bottom south east side of the property. It was shared that the intended location of the retreat was being held on sacred songlines and the ancestors were not happy. They indicated that she needed to move it to another part of the property.


Completely dumbfounded, Sarah was astonished with the message and the accuracy of the image. The west side of the property was where she was intending to host the retreat, but the south east part of the property was the ONLY viable piece of land for it to go!

This message was shared within the first 15 minutes of the reading. And Sarah was able to spend  the remainder of the time discussing future offerings, marketing strategies and potential property developments.

the results

The ancestral knowledge about her business combined with the power of Indigenous wisdom and ancient ceremonies radically harmonised Sarah’s business and life. 

As soon as Sarah shifted her intention to host the retreat on a different part of her property, her event sold out almost immediately!

She has since been hosting many successful women’s events and growing a business that is in alignment with her soul, the ancestors and the beautiful land on which she lives.  

“I’m finding it difficult to put my experience into words!”

I’ve been basking a lot in the energy and all the beautiful guidance you channeled for myself and Earthed Reiki. I’m finding it difficult to put my experience into words because it felt more like our souls spoke to each other in a language that could not be transmitted into words. The guidance and space you held for me and Earthed Reiki was so beautiful, so clear, I felt held and safe.  I’m so thankful for you and your gifts!

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