Join us for an enlightening conversation with Beck Hall, a renowned Yoga Teacher and Breathwork Facilitator from the Sunshine Coast. In this episode, we delve into the transformative power of yoga, breathwork, and ceremonial cacao, as Beck shares her expertise and experiences in the world of wellness. Discover how these practices can cultivate inner bliss and facilitate personal growth, while gaining insights into Beck’s journey and her collaboration with Dan P from Spirit Breathwork in their Ceremonial Cacao business, Spirit Cacao.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Beck shares her personal journey and how she found her calling in the wellness space.
  • Discover Beck’s teaching style, incorporating asana practice, breathwork techniques, and mindfulness to create transformative experiences for her students.
  • Gain insights into the benefits of breathwork, its ability to release emotions and foster personal growth, and how it complements yoga practice.
  • Learn about Beck and Dan’s co-founded business, Spirit Cacao, which focuses on ceremonial cacao. 
  • Gain practical tips for integrating yoga, breathwork, and ceremonial cacao into your daily routine.

This is an inspiring conversation with Beckl, where we uncover the transformative potential of yoga, breathwork, and ceremonial cacao. Tune in to embark on a journey of self-discovery and inner bliss.

About Beck

Beck, a Yoga Teacher and Breathwork Facilitator based on the Sunshine Coast, integrates various healing modalities into her work and life. Guided by spirit throughout her life, she discovered the true power of intuition during her Cancer journey, which served as an awakening during surgeries and a challenging year-long treatment. This experience enlightened her to the power of manifestation and the strength of her mind. Embracing a life driven by purpose and passion, Beck left her corporate job a year ago to focus entirely on the wellness space, teaching yoga, leading retreats, and collaborating with Dan P from Spirit Breathwork. Together, they run Spirit Cacao, a ceremonial cacao business. Breathwork, Yoga, and Daily Rituals have become integral to Beck’s life, and she aims to inspire others to reconnect with their inner wisdom, fully embracing life’s beauty through her story and guidance.

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