This week, I’m beyond excited to introduce you to Ashley Stinson, creatress of Energy Archaeology™ and the Realms of Embodiment. We sat down for a chat about how she uncovered her modality Energy Archaeology™ and how best to use this method to amplify your healing work, spiritual journey or self-discovery practices.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Ashley Stinson’s background story
  • What is Energy Archaeology™?
  • The different Realms of Embodiment
  • Ashley’s healing process using Energy Archeology™
  • Ashley’s Energy Archaeology Oracle deck

About Ashley

Ashley is the creatress of Energy Archaeology™ – an energy healing modality and personal discovery method that accesses the energetic wisdom in the body through the six realms of embodiment – bones, muscles, fluid body, organs, nervous system, and DNA. She is a professional observer of these Realms of Embodiment, a channel of energetic morphology, and an emphatic spokesperson for whole-self integration. Ashley will encourage you to explore the depth and breadth of your human experience through her innate gift to find patterns in what’s said, unsaid, seen, and unseen. She uses this in her work to guide you deeper into your body and its wisdom.

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