Today’s beautiful guest is Abbi Ricker. She is a Reiki Master Teacher, Universal Light Language Healer and owner of Sunshine Coast Reiki. She loves helping her students discover how to unlock healing, release fears and blocks, and find wisdom within themselves. Abbi’s mission is to support the awakening and remembering of your soul, your own divine nature and your human experience, through Healing, Teaching, Light Language, and Meditation. 

In this episode we discuss:

  • Abbi’s journey and how her love of energy work has gifted her a fulfilling business path
  • What is Reiki energy healing and what an attunement is
  • How learning reiki has helped her in everyday life 
  • The biggest shifts she has recently experienced in her healing journey to date

Hey, I’m Tara and I’m a Business Energy Healer, Kinesiologist, Psychic Intuitive. I offer business and personal alignment sessions to help coaches, creatives and conscious leaders effortlessly expand their life and business through frequency and soul-alignment.You can find more on my website here.

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