In this episode of Business Meets Soul, we have the privilege of sitting down with Ian White, the visionary founder of Australian Bush Flower Essences. A fifth-generation Australian herbalist and dedicated author, Ian’s journey began in the heart of the Australian bush, guided by the wisdom of his grandmother. His passion for the healing power of plants has led to the creation of Australian Bush Flower Essences and a mission to integrate their essence into everyday life.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Ian’s unique upbringing and the wisdom he gained from his grandmother in the Australian bush.
  • Ian personal self-healing journey and the pivotal role it played in his passion for plants.
  • The vibrational nature of flower essences and how they emit constant healing signals.
  • The process of connecting flowers to their unique healing properties.
  • Recommendations for spiritual entrepreneurs experiencing doubts and worries.
  • Blends to support those feeling overwhelmed, needing nervous system support and blends suitable for kids/families.


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