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THIS BUNDLE IS PACKED with everything you need to understand to be the Slow, emBodied leader in your business.

Here’s what you’ll get:

Your Embodied Leader Video Lesson where I share how to stay in your own power, being an energetic force that is aligned, authentic and true. I break it down to easily understand and apply to your life right now.

Your Embodied Leader Meditation Journey to receive the way to recognise your energetic vibration and stay in it. This meditation will support you in aligning with your desired reality and shifting your frequency.

Your Embodied Leader Workbook – this is more than a workbook. I break down the whole concept of energy and serving from your sovereignty in this 20+ page guide.

What if your dream reality is a “future memory”?…

That goal you have.. that experience you desire… the money you see yourself attracting, the clients you are attracting, etc.

What if those desires are there, because you’re connecting with the energy of existence that already is, in the field of infinite potential.

With Your Authentic Energetic Signature.

You can see it, feel it, get excited about it. Yet, you may also notice lots of resistance come up (which is really just a gift to learn what needs to be shifted).

It’s kind of like a radio signal that you just need to tune into. Sometimes when you try to tune into it, it’s fuzzy, and you can’t quite make it out…

But if you’re in the right spot, it clears up and plays clearly.

It’s still playing regardless of where you are though.

This is what happens when you clear up the resistance in the way of you attracting those “future visions” in this now moment.

You literally make a shift into a new timeline, and everything rearranges itself to fit that vision.

Let me show you how. 😉

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