Clear Your Business

Clean up energetic leaks in your business and anchor into your most abundant and impactful timeline.

Are you ready to do business differently?

  • Are you feeling frustrated with your business partner, noticing a heaviness in your business, or just not feeling motivated?
  • Have you tried everything in the book to make your business work—funnels, launches, showing up everywhere—but you’re still tired and drained?
  • Do you want more out of your business, feeling like there must be a better way to succeed?
  • Are you ready to shake things up, clear out the negative vibes in your business, and start attracting more success and abundance?

Imagine feeling genuinely excited about your business, like you’re right where you’re meant to be—not lagging behind, but perfectly in sync. Picture a business that’s built on trust and heart, where everything feels natural.

One thing I’m truly passionate about is helping you overcome obstacles in your business. I thrive on giving you the freedom to see your business from different angles, encouraging you to follow what truly resonates with you.

Once you’re aligned in this way, the sky’s the limit.

Calling all Business Leaders, Coaches, Creatives, and purpose-driven souls on a mission to live their best lives and raise the vibration of the planet—this one’s for you!

You are meant to BE, DO, and HAVE everything your heart desires, and everything your SOUL came here to experience and express.

Whether you are just beginning your journey, or you’re a seasoned pro with magnetic energy— this training will catapult you into your next level of impact, abundance, and embodiment of your bigger vision in the NOW.

Together, we will clear your business energy field of old patterns, stories, and ways of being that are no longer aligned with what you are *choosing* to step into, create, and experience, and aligning with the essence of your SOUL.

Here’s a sneak peek of what we’ll cover:

  • Clearing up energetic leaks that might be impacting your financial flow, your ability to make an impact, and the level at which you serve.
  • Business momentum after facing significant setbacks, such as business stagnation, income dips, confidence challenges, or shifts in relationships, so you can bounce back stronger than ever.
  • Harnessing powerful vibrational shifts to align with your most abundant reality and embrace your authentic, powerful self.
  • Centering and grounding visualisation techniques that you can seamlessly integrate into your business practices.
  • And that’s just the beginning! Get ready for a journey filled with insights, transformations, and so much more!

THE 3-STEP PRocess

I’ll teach you my exact process for making lasting paradigm shifts and activating FLOW in every aspect of business, finances, and growth.

I’ll also share the transformative tools that recently unlocked a new level within myself.

This workshop is designed for those ready to fully commit to their dreams and soul mission, eager to cultivate abundance, freedom, and fulfillment the New Paradigm way.

Throughout our time together, I’ll unveil concepts, techniques, and actionable steps to shift from feeling stuck and playing small to reclaiming power over your energy and reality.

Please note, having a pendulum or knowing how to muscle monitor would be beneficial. If not, don’t worry—I have two instructional resources available for you.


I’m Tara, I’m here to be your guiding light on the journey from burnout to brilliance. With a mix of heartfelt empathy and insightful wisdom gathered from guiding over 500 businesses, I’m one of the few who can tap into the Akashic records. And with a sparkling 5-star rating of experience, I’m ready to be your partner in unlocking your full potential.

I offer a transformative path to self-discovery and business success, because I truly get the frustration and confusion that comes with feeling stuck. So let’s embark on this journey together, with love and understanding lighting the way to your brightest future.

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anchor into your most abundant and impactful timeline.

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