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Bringing in Abundance & Security For Buyers & Investors

Wow Group Property Ltd. is a property development and investment company that loves working with consultants, funders, and developers to deliver market-leading buildings and land subdivisions. Since delivering some of the most ambitious and innovative developments in South-East Queensland, the company had been experiencing some challenges with the various parties involved.

  • By clearing the energy and connecting to Source, Wow Group received the tools they needed to shift their business relationships to create more success.

The Challenge

Wow Group runs multiple large-scale projects and developments and prides themselves on having strategic partners and consultants that will deliver high quality results.

But with so many moving parts, contractors, and energies involved in the process, all sectors must align for a project to be successful.

For them, the management component of large-scale projects was easy, but when different energies started conflicting, things became challenging.

For Wow Group, having energetic and spiritual support was essential to them to ensure harmony was reached not only within the company dynamic, but also the project dynamic too.

When Wow Group mentioned they needed “higher support” in their company, the universe spoke and they were recommended my services to support them.

The Solution

Wow Group thoroughly enjoyed learning more about the three components their company needed in order to thrive and bring in abundance and security for buyers and investors.

These included the importance of maintaining a connection to land in every step of the project, how to work with universal energies to bring in overall company harmony, and the importance of honouring their company values (one of which was not being respected).

During the session tools were downloaded to support each of these three components, along with energy clearings for specific projects and partnerships.

the results

The combination of tools, guidance and clearings allowed Wow Group to take their power back and go from feeling isolated, worried, and fielding problems, to experiencing more connection, confidence, and obvious strategic solutions.

In addition to the business advice, Wow Group received the loving energetic support it was craving. The business’s energy was activated and elevated from it’s second chakra — the feelings center, where insecurities are stored — to it’s heart chakra. The heart chakra symbolises love, abundance, and compassion. It’s where unity, cohesion, and a sense of belonging happens meaning that their business went from surviving to thriving from this energetic realignment.

“There has already been some shifts with the project partnerships.”

Thanks Tara, I really enjoyed receiving the enlightened messages and feel that there has already been some shifts with the project partnerships. I will be back to you to do some personal work before too long. Meanwhile, thanks so much for your time and sharing your gifts.

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