Show Notes:

Today’s beautiful guest is Ann Taylor. Ann Taylor transitioned from the corporate world as a lawyer to running her own business as a Ceremony Facilitator. As the proud owner of Ceremona, Ann holds many people through sacred rituals, ceremonies and rites of passage. She believes ceremonies connect us to our community, allow us to anchor into a moment in time and helps us mark the significance of an important life event. Ann is on a mission to prove that the art of ceremony and rituals are worth injecting back into modern life. 

In this episode we discuss:

  • Ann’s journey and how she stepped into holding sacred space for others in ceremony 
  • The lost art of ceremony and the power of the present moment
  • How Ann prepares herself personally for ceremony
  • The biggest shifts she has recently experienced in her healing journey to date

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Want to connect with Ann:

Website: @ceremona
Instagram: @ceremonarituals
Blessingways: @ceremonamama

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