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Today’s remarkable guest is Rory Duff, a Geologist, Geobiologist and Earth Mystery Researcher. I came across Rory’s ground-breaking work after having songlines continually come up in my client sessions which got me intrigued to learn more. The depth and breadth of Rory’s research on Earth’s energy lines and leylines is expansive and he is one of the leaders in the world on this subject. Rory has mapped many energy lines in the world more than anyone else and discovered the six most powerful cosmic energy lines called The Emperor Dragons. Rory’s mission is to raise awareness of the main energy lines and to encourage people to gather at sacred sites for meditation because it helps balance earth’s frequencies and supports humanity to evolve. I had the honour of working alongside Rory to activate an energy node on the Sunshine Coast and feel very humbled to spend time chatting with him for my podcast.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Rory’s journey and how he stepped into mapping earth’s energy lines
  • Rory’s shares what energy lines are and how are they formed
  • What the process is in grading the earth energy lines 
  • The different energy sources of the energy lines, in particular the cosmic energy from the Type 5 Emperor Dragon lines. 
  • The frequency of earth and how humanity is transitioning into higher consciousness 
  • The launch of The Sacred Network and how you can impact humanity’s evolution 

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About Rory:

Having started his career as a structural geologist working underground in the gold mines, Rory Duff is no stranger to understanding the subterranean secrets of the earth. He returned to England to train as a geologist and a geobiologist and has been mapping energy lines for more than 15 years. Rory is a recognised teacher for Earth Energy dowsing by the British Society of Dowsers. He discovered the presence of the six largest Earth Energy lines that go around the World – the Emperor Dragons and has spent a decade mapping these in detail. His books include Grail Found, Leylines, Earth Energies and Nodes, and Dowsing Observations.

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