What if there is a sacred space inside of you, you can trust? An innocent and imaginative exploration of the terrain your younger self knew to be safe, yet subconscious programming has pulled you away from?


We have the power to be so much more than we believe to be, if we allow it to happen. 

My soul was aching to bloom and feel that refreshing rush of sovereign power and after many years of suppression, conditioning and following the status quo, I embraced my psychic side and now share an ever expanding library of healing gifts.

I now understand intuition doesn’t exist to make us feel comfortable and joyful all the time. It moves us toward what we are meant to do, because it shows us where our interests, skills and desires intersect.


Feeling a little lost after ‘coming out of the spiritual closet’, I decided to try out being guided solely by my intuition. Almost two years into this experiment, my life is full of people who inspire and energise me; I’m working with visionary leaders who I am in awe of, and I’ve been guided to experiences I couldn’t have logically imagined. 

How did I do it? Here are some of the tools I found useful to help develop a stronger connection with my intuition:

1.Get Quiet 

In our world of overflowing content and multiple forces grabbing for our attention, it can become challenging to tap into the voice of our intuition. When we are up against making a decision, it’s important to create room for clarity. When you allow your mind to rest, your thoughts begin to settle, you become an open and clear channel. In this spaciousness, we can dissolve the clutter of our fears, doubts and uncertainty to hear the deep, confident, clear knowing of our inner wisdom. Make space to get quiet and listen to the words and callings of your heart song.

2.Trust your Gut

We all know the feeling when something doesn’t feel right. This is the first tell-tale sign our intuition is wanting our attention. It can sometimes be very easy to ignore your feelings and push them away. We might push those gut feelings aside and take what may seem like the easier option because we’re afraid of failure, changing direction, and saying no. If something doesn’t feel good, right or just simply off, perhaps your gut is telling you it’s time for a change. Be honest with yourself and acknowledge those unsettled feelings; they are there to guide and support you. Listen to them. Trust your emotional compass. How you feel is your greatest indicator of whether your choices are in alignment with your intuitive wisdom or not.

3.Pay Attention to the Synchronicities

When we lead a life in alignment with our greatest potential, the universe will frequently gift us signs of assurance. Be open to what life presents on your path. As we dream, manifest and see our desires through our thoughts and beliefs, the universe supports us in turn by sending us the circumstances, people and opportunities that will bring our advancement in life. Be present in your day to day activities so you can see the meaningful patterns and coincidences when they occur. These signs can be messages from your true self that you are on the right path.


My journey began when I chose to overcome fear – fear of judgment, of the unknown and of what gifts might come forward. Birthing a spiritual connection can be terrifying and with it comes the desire for comfort and the temptation to shut it out. 

Following the birth of my second child, I finally honoured my calling to share my path and wrote a book about my womb awakening experience and the strategies I used to propel myself into new levels of transformation. I began to truly own my gifts; deepening and developing my own energetic healing abilities so the doors to my spiritual service could open and I could reclaim my own naturalness as the powerful healer that I am. 

A cloth maker in a previous life, I was gifted with visions so strong I could predict the future and pre-make clothes for future embalming ceremonies. My soul had temporarily forgotten my story but through the work and experiences, I was able to remember, capture and embrace the story of my soul.  

I had to shred the layers of myself no longer in alignment with my soul’s journey. I transformed, grew, and stepped into my natural and whole state as a spiritual life and business mentor and intuitive guide. 


We are all equipped with an intuition, a deeper inner-knowing attuned to our true path. 

We choose whether we hear it, and if we learn from it. We decide if we evolve or if we stand still and silent.

For me, there came moments when the thoughts informed by my intuition grew too loud to ignore. 

Many moments when the feelings in my soul started to pulse through my body, vibrating my entire being.

The universe was calling me to make a choice and embodying my soul self, I opened the door to my intuitive and spiritual gifts.

I chose to play with the power of my inner guidance, become reacquainted with the world beyond words and regain a sense of nurture for my innate spiritual nature. And now, I choose to share it.

If we can learn to hear our intuition, we can use this valuable guidance system to help us expand, align and ultimately, learn to trust ourselves more deeply. 

If you’d like to learn the foundations on how to strengthen your intuitive muscles, you can sign up to my intuitive training here.

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